Another Poem from our Poetical Guests from Scotland!

25th October 2014

Our lovely guests, Keith & Elaine Davis and their 2 boys from Scotland, have just left after another 2 weeks in Forge Cottage, Deanwood Holidays. Here is the poem which Elaine wrote in our Visitors’ Book:

From Scotland to Lydney we travelled over night,
560 miles we did, when darkness turned to light.
So here we are once again, in the place we like to stay,
The Forge, Deanwood Holiday Park, it’s like we haven’t been away.
What have John and Elaine been doing? They have been as busy as the bee,
But don’t just take my word for it, for yourself just come and see.
Whatever part of the world you’re from, whatever time of year,
A beautiful place, a friendly face, there will be a warm welcome for you here.
Two weeks have gone by very fast, it’s time for us to leave,
We will see you next April, so no need for us to grieve.
Good-bye for now, Deanwood Holiday Park, Good-bye John & Elaine,
Many miles would have passed us by until we see you again.

If we didn’t live so far away what a perfect Christmas location this would be.

Thanks very much Elaine, Hope you have had a good journey home, and hope to see you all again in April 2015.
John & Elaine