Mobile Phones, the Internet and WiFi, Forest of Dean

24th July 2017

I expect most of you can’t wait to escape from your phone and the internet, and be blissfully out of touch for a while, especially from work! However, for those of you who need to keep in touch, a new BT line has now been installed at Deanwood Holidays for the express purpose of enabling our holiday guests to have WiFi internet access.

We have found good signal strength in all of our cottages apart from The Cottage, due to the thickness of the cottage walls. However, it is available in The Cottage garden and the grounds.

Due to situations outside our control we cannot guarantee signal strength or availability and therefore will not be held liable for lack of service.

The Library in Lydney also allows visitors to the area 2 hours free Internet access on their computers per day (ID required).

Most mobile phone networks have poor coverage in this rural area of the Forest of Dean around Deanwood Holiday Cottages. If you want to leave an emergency contact phone number with anyone while you are here on holiday we would recommend you give out our Office phone number – 01594 563585 – in case you cannot be reached on your mobile. We will endeavour to come and find you in your cottage, or take a message for you if you are out.